Hanging Moisture Remove Bag

Hanging Moisture Remove Bag

Hanging Moisture Remove Bag, Weight 248g. High absorption rate>200%; Free Samples.

Product Details

                             Hanging Moisture Remove Bag

Product information:

This Hanging moisture Remove Bag has been design to absorbs excess moisture for clothing, it will help protect cloths and valuables avoid damaging effects from mildew and damp rot. So, you can conveniently place the bag in living rooms,bedrooms, wardrobe or any area you want to get rid of.

Hanging moisture absorber are filled with white calcium chloride granules, absorption rate of this material is 250%-300% in the normal temperature and pressure. Excess moisture is absorbed into the white granules, they begin to be harden and form a solid mass. After about a month, you may see liquid dripping into the bottom of bag.

Item Name
 Hanging Absorber Remove bag 
Raw material 
 Calcium choride granules 
Net weight 
Production Name

1000ML bag


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