Dehumidifier Box Supplier Factory Price

Dehumidifier Box Supplier Factory Price

Dehumidifier Box supplier factory price Product description: Our dehumidifier boxes are very helpful household chemical product to promote the elimination of mildew, control mold, rust, corrosion and odors, and prevent other harmful effects of moisture. Molds usually grow in damp areas. Our...

Product Details

Dehumidifier Box supplier factory price

Product description:

Our dehumidifier boxes are very helpful household chemical product to promote the elimination of mildew, control mold, rust, corrosion and odors, and prevent other harmful effects of moisture. Molds usually grow in damp areas. Our Moisture Remover can help remove the moisture in a room or enclosed space. It is widely used in indoor place such as wardrobe, closet, bookcase, shoe cabinet etc. and anywhere else damp is present.

Data of goods:

Item Name Moisture absorber box 
Raw material  Calcium Chloride granules
Smell  Add the fragrance in the raw material
Color Clear box and blue cover
Net weight  100g/220g/280g or customzied 
Original  Guangdong 

 Absorb exceed moisture

 Prevent mildew 

 Eliminate the mildew

 Small footprint

Certificate Reach,SGS,DMF,ROHS,MSDS



1. Shoe wardrobe and other confined space, high moisture valuables! 

2. Remove wardrobe, drawers, shoe racks, bookcases, glove boxes at the Moisture wet! 

3. Moisture absorption of new housing, water! 

4.Placed in the room, effectively preventing highgrade wooden furniture, machinery equipment, such as damp, mold.

Using Steps:

Step1: Remove lid and peel off sealing aluminum foil cover leaving white safety cover in place. Replace grill lid.

Step2: Place on a flat surface in desired location. The white absorbent will form water in 1-2 month

 (depends on the humidity and seasons).    

Step3: When the Air Dehumidifier box has completely dissolved, pour the water to sink, and discard in trash.  


Advantage of Company:

1. Chunwang is a listed company, which was established in 1998,the factory has approved by ISO:9001,ISO:14001,BSCI and a series of encironmental certificate.

2. We own 2 factories now, the production area had arrived at 30000 square meter,the total employee beyond 300 person.

3. Product range covers from moisture proof and preservation materials(including desiccants, oxygen absorbers, antistaling agents and humidity indicator card), indoor air purification(including home dehumidifiers, deodorizers) and aromatic series, household cleaning series and other home-use products.

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