Humidity Absorber Box 300ml For Wardrobe

Humidity Absorber Box 300ml for Wardrobe are made of high quality raw materials and packaging materials to ensure excellent product quality and performance.It is very small but with strong absorption, very easy to use.You can see some Columnar activated carbon particles inside, it can absorb harmful gases in the air. We use imported lock wet paper, good one-way permeability, with strong water lock capacity.
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Product Details

Humidity Absorber Box 300ml for Wardrobe

Humidity Absorber Box 300ml for Wardrobe
TypeOther household chemicals
Eco-friendly, stocked
Model numberCW-001
Net weight100g calcium chloride+2g activated carbon
Absorb moisture, mold proof, fresh air
Wardrobe, toilet, living room, etc.
3 years in dry, cool and sealed conditions
RoHS, Reach, GMP, MSDS, etc.

The damage from humid air:

Humid air will bring a series of problems, such as walls get peeling in home, floors get slippery, clothes get wet, furniture get moldy, etc.  When you face these problems, please choose our Moisture absorber box. 



1) Open lid and peel off sealing aluminum foil.

2) leave the white membrane and Replace  the  lid. 

3) put it in moisture circumstance.

4) After the calcium chloride particle completely melt into water, pour it into sink, throw away the box.

This product is safe and eco-friendly, please be assured use.


Put 1-2 pcs (depend on seasons and humidity)in the moist place(~3m3) , usually applied in Bedroom, wardrobe, bookcase, shoebox , toilet, office, etc.


1.High quality calcium chloride, full grain, strong moisture absorption. 

2.Columnar activated carbon particles, adsorbing harmful gases in the air.

3.Imported lock wet paper, good one-way permeability, strong water lock capacity.

4.Sealed by aluminum foil, Isolated calcium chloride from external environment, ensure that the product does not lose efficacy before use.

5.Our box is made up of high quality PP material, it is not easy to break when falling, ensure safe for using.