Corner Moisture Absorber Bar

Corner Moisture Absorber Bar

‚ÄčIngredient: Calcium Chloride, Polyacrylamide, mildew preventive, fragrance particle
Shelf life: 3 years
Usage period: 1~2 months (according to moisture condition)

Product Details

Corner Moisture Absorber Bar Details:

Ingredient: Calcium Chloride, Polyacrylamide, mildew preventive, fragrance particleShelf life: 3 years

Usage period: 1~2 months (according to moisture condition)

Type: dehumidifier

Function: moisture absorption

Customized: accept

In a humid environment, furniture is always particularly easy to break, clothing is prone to mildew, food is particularly prone to deterioration, and to a certain extent, the cost of living is increased. If it is eaten and deteriorated, it is easy to cause poisoning. Therefore, it is necessary to put a dehumidification bag in the corner of the home to effectively remove the odor caused by moisture.

Product Features:

1. Adopt high-efficiency moisture absorber particles and aromatic particles. It takes strong moisture absorption capacity; besides, it can eliminate odors, prevent from mildew and freshener air.

2. With a lightweight and smart design, it can be used in kings of places, such as chest, bookcase, drawers shoe cabinet, containing box and other corners.

3. Containing high-quality activated carbon, it can absorb harmful substances, keep the air fresh, DuPont locks the wet paper, effectively locks the moisture and does not reset. The smart hook can be used for room cabinets, toilets and an enclosed space, large-capacity water collection, solve the problem of moisture.


1. Take out the corner moisture absorber bar from the poly bag, put it at where needed. keep the absorber bar at  a level place for use 

2. It can be replaced if the refill bag turned to gel completely.

3. The gel after absorbing moisture is alkaline, don't use for other purposes.

4. Please check the box before using, don't use if any damage.


1. This product is not edible, keep out of reach of children and pets.

2. Consult a doctor if swallowed, in case touch skin or eye, please wash with plenty of clean water. Consult a doctor if still feel uncomfortable.

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