Gel Wardrobe Moisture Absorber

Gel Wardrobe Moisture Absorber

‚ÄčItem: Gel wardrobe moisture absorber
Ingredient: Calcium chloride, water absorbing polymer, fragrance.
Weight: 50mlx 4 / 36 gramx4

Product Details

Gel Wardrobe Moisture Absorber Details:

Item: Gel wardrobe moisture absorber

Quality: high

Ingredient: calcium chloride, water absorbing polymer, fragrance.

Company Certificate: ISO9001 and ISO14001

Weight: 50mlx 4 / 36 gramx4

Type: other household chemicals


1. Super moisture absorption ability, rapid absorption speed, can well solve the mold and moisture damage problem.

2. Safe, environmentally friendly.

3. After absorbed, it quickly locks the water, and turn into the gel, no leakage risk.


Widely used in the drawer, wardrobe, bookcase, storage cabinets etc.

Take out the gel wardrobe moisture absorber and hang it at the spaces as needed, for a better result, use it in the right condition, please throw it away and replace a new one when absorbent materials absorb moisture full turn into a gel.


1. Rip the bag along the gap of the bag body and take out the absorbent bag. The absorbent bag will automatically start to absorb moisture.

2. The absorbent bag is unfolded and hung in the required space. The distance between the clothes and the absorbent bag is at least 5-10 cm so that the absorbent bag is completely in contact with the air. The lower part of the absorbent bag is a water container. To collect the water absorbed by the upper part of the moisture absorbent.

3. When the water reaches the position of the replacement prompt or the white crystal hygroscopic agent is completely dissolved, keep the bag upright and take it completely and put it into the trash can.


1. Don't break and take out chemicals from the gel wardrobe moisture absorber.

2. Don't use the original plastic bag for any other purposes. Storage and keep away from food and drink.

3. Don';t squeeze and touch the packaging with sharp tools. Before using, please inspect and check. If packaging has been damaged, please change for a new one.

4. Keep all unused moisture absorber bag in sealed condition.

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