Camphor Ball with Fragrance

Camphor Ball with Fragrance

​Product Name: camphor ball with fragrance
Weight available: 50gram , 80 gram, 100 gram,150 gram
Ingredient: camphor balls, no naphthalene
Color: white ball
Fragrance: lavender, cedar woods or customized

Product Details

Camphor Ball with Fragrance Details:

Product Name: camphor ball with fragranceWeight available: 50gram , 80 gram, 100 gram, 150 gram
Ingredient: camphor balls, no naphthaleneColor: white ball
Fragrance: lavender, cedar woods or customizedFunction: deodorant, moth repellent
Purity: 94%Usage: suggest usage volume is 200 gram per cubic meter, differ in different environment


1. Do not use this product with any other anti-mite chemicals.

2. Store unused tablets in their original packaging for storage.

3. Wash your hands after touching the product.

4. This product is toxic to fish and silkworms, and should not be used indoors in silkworms.


1. Strongly remove malodorous gas, effectively deodorize, release the natural fragrance, and purify the air;

2. Camphor ball is suitable for storage of cotton, wool, chemical fiber and other clothing, leather products, book files and warehouse storage items.

3. Made of natural camphor and spices, fragrant smell, durable, suitable for home wardrobes, books and other pest control.

4. Effectively kill all kinds of fur-like adults and young eggs.


1. If get into eyes, flush with an mount of water immediately.

2. If swallowed, drink plenty of warm water and consult a doctor immediately.

3. Don't eat, don't use if sensitive, please consult a doctor immediately if there are any adverse reactions.

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