PDCB Moth Tablet Strip

PDCB Moth Tablet Strip

​Product Name: PDCB moth tablet strip
Weight available: 100 gram, 120 gram, 150 gram
Ingredient: para-dichlorobenzene
Color: white ball
Type: strip pack with hanger

Product Details

Quick details

Product Name: PDCB moth tablet stripPurity: 98%
Weight available: 100 gram, 120 gram, 150 gram

Function: deodorant, moth repellent

Ingredient: para-dichlorobenzeneUse dosage: 40g/cubic meter
Color: white ballApplication: wardrobe, luggage / living room / shoes cabinet / toilet
Type: strip pack with hangerOEM service: available


1. Made of high-grade raw material

2. Powerful deodorant, enduring fragrance

3. Effectively prevent from moth and mildew

4. Economy and durability


1. Shall be stored in a dry cool area, avoid moisture direct sun exposure

2. Inedible keep out of reach of children.

3. Shall not mixed use with other Moth products to avoid chemical reactions.

4. Do not store with food or drinks.

5. Wash hands after use or direct contact.

6. Shall be kept away from heat  open flame.

7. Contraindicated to ALLERGICS. NO direct contact to pregnant women.

8. Poison to FISH SILKWORM, do not use near them.

Product function

1. It can be used conveniently.

2. It releases special aroma of sweet osmanthus to the achieve antimoth and moldproof effect.

3. With portable flexible hook, the product can be hung at the wardrobe.

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