Color Toilet Deodorant Balls

Color Toilet Deodorant Balls

Product Name: color toilet deodorant balls
Active Ingredients: para-dichlorobenzene
Purity: 98%
Weight: 180g,200g,230g,250g
Application: Wardrobe / Toilet / Living Room / Storeroom / Luggage / Shoes Cabinet

Product Details

Color Toilet Deodorant Balls Details:

Product Name: color toilet deodorant balls
Active Ingredients: para-dichlorobenzene
Purity: 98%
Weight: 180g, 200g, 230g, 250g
Application: wardrobe / toilet / living room / storeroom / luggage / shoes cabinet


The five-color deodorizing ball placed in the bathroom has a high color and a beautiful scent. It is not harmful to people. It can also be used to kill aphids and sacs of fur, leather, fabrics, books, calligraphy and the like to replace the past health balls.


1. It does not affect the use of moisture, but it is forbidden to immerse the ball in the water during use, so as not to affect the use effect.

2. Do not store or use with other insect repellents.

3.Keep away from children, avoid eating, if you accidentally eat as soon as possible to the hospital for medical treatment.



The aroma ball not only has a fragrance, but also has a insecticidal rate 7 times higher than that of a hygienic ball. The amount of the product is also large, and it can be efficiently sterilized in the toilet.

This hygienic ball can be directly put into the urinal, the urine impacts, emits acidic substances and fragrance, and achieves the effect of removing urinary scale and aromatic deodorization; it can also be suspended in the bathroom, wardrobe, etc. with a mesh bag to emit fragrance.



Aromatic balls are mainly used for pest control and mildew prevention of various fabrics, papers, and fur. It is especially suitable for deodorization of toilets, public places and shoe cabinets. When used as an insect proof and anti-mold agent, simply put 5-10 small holes in the outer packaging of the product and hang it in the closet. Open the package and put the aromatic ball directly into the urinal, which has a good deodorizing effect.

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