1G-DMF Free Silica Gel Roll For Food Stroage

- Jan 20, 2021-

1G-DMF Free Silica Gel Roll For Food Stroage

Item: Silica gel in roll form 1 gms to 3 gms


Raw Material:Grade A Silica Gel,White,Orange and Blue

Packing Material: Composite Paper,Non-Woven,Tyvek,Cotton,OPP film,Patterned fabric,Aiwa paper etc,  with Chinese,English,Japanese,German,Spanish language or custom printing.





Silica-gel is a high-activity sorbing material, the outcome of chemical reaction of sodium silicate and sulfuric acid, ageing and sour bathing process. Silica-gel is an amorphous substance. Its molecular formula is mSiO2.nH2O.It conforms to the China Chemical Standard HG/T2765-2005,and it is the only desiccant approved which can touch food and medicine directly.


After absorbed moisture,white silica gel won’t have color changed (but if been put in colored air condition for long time, and inpoured by colored air molecules,it will be dyed).The blue and orange silica gel desiccant have indicator function,after moisture absorbing,the blue silica gel desiccant will turn into red,and orange silica gel will turn into green.







Product Details:


Main Ingredients:


Content (%)


Content (%)













Blue Silica Gel including 3‰-5‰ cobalt chloride, Orange Silica Gel including 0.9‰methyl violet (Eco-friendly)









property parameter:

Granularity qualified rate


bulk density


Moisture absorption rate



Water Content




Recommend Dosage



Core Advantages:

1. Moisture absorption rate over 30%

2. No physical forms changed after moisture absorbing, no toxic,no harm,no pollution.

3. Good heat stability, strong mechanical strength

4. Widely used in shoes,hats,leathers,handbags,food,medicine,metals,toys,bamboo and wood,instruments,electronics,etc.


Features of Composite Paper:

1. Printing clear, easily identifiable the warnings

2. General air permeability and firmness

3. Competitive price


Simple self-test method for effectiveness:

1. Tear off the silica gel desiccant package,hold some silica gel material in hand tightly, if the silica gel become hot,that means the desiccant still in work.

2. For silica gel desiccant with blue and orange indicator,the silica gel desiccant is useless when indicator color changed.

3. Take a cup of cold water, rip the desiccant package and pour the silica gel into water, if the silica gel beads blown to pieces,and make sounds,that means the desiccants are still in work.

4. Take a silica gel desiccant pouch, weigh and mark, put it indoor,after 5-10 days, weigh again, if its weight increased, that means the desiccant still work.

5. For precise moisture absorption performance of the desiccant, lab test equipments are necessary.


silica gel desiccant pillow pack












Established in 1998, CHUNWANG Group is a set of R&D,production and marketing enterprise commitment to industrial dehumidification, deodorization odor, home moisture, carbon, clean, aromatic and other products  


Chun-Wang possesses a modern factory, accounting a floor area of 12000 Square meters with over 180 packaging equipments and other fittings, more than 200 workers and over 20 professional managers and experienced engineers. production can be up to 1,000 tons, renowned at domestic and abroad in the desiccant industry.


With all the staff working hard together, Chung-Wang has won the quality Certificate of ISO9001:2000, ISO14001:2004 and ROHS. With the advanced production equipments and laboratory as well as the inspecting apparatus, now Chung-Wang has become one of the largest bases for desiccants in China and has established long-term business relationship with many well-known enterprises from home and abroad such as Sanyo, Samsung, Toshiba, Flextronics, Emerson and so on.


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