2 Way Humidity Control Pack For Medicine Fiber Desiccant 4g

- Dec 15, 2020-

2 Way Humidity Control  Pack For Medicine Fiber Desiccant 4G




Two-way humidity control with no need for power 

Control humidity range:30%—80%

High Wet capacity,speed humidity control,whether it is  moisture or wetting performance,are beetter than the traditional "silicone moisture regulator"

Innovative materials.Fiber-based moisture-proof agent from the natural plant fiber and polymer materials,safety and enviromental protection,harmless to the products and human body.

The shape of the fiber-type humidity-conditioning material is "card-like",easy to use,no space;no dust or particles leak

Precise control over desired humidity;wide application,such as cigar,museum and Chinese herbal and etc.






Product Description:


Inner: 40mm*40mm Fiber Humectant

Outer: Non-woven packaging

The final product size: 60mmx70mmx3mm

Humidity control range: 30%-80% according to your requirements, ie: to maintain relative humidity at 60%, not take away all the moisture.


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