Chunwang 20th Anniversary Celebration

- Mar 25, 2019-

Chunwang Brilliant 20th  Anniversary




On January 19, 2019, the company's annual meeting was held in the  Chunwang Industrial Park, which was shrouded in the night.

All Chunwang staff attend the party with great happiness and best  wishes to new year.



Host  and hostess of the party


In  the 20 years of struggle, the last note has been dropped. In the past year,  Chunwang people have created their honors and achievements with sweat, completed  their dreams and goals with hard work, and left too much touch and joy on our  way forward. .


Looking  back, we are full of emotions. Because of all efforts, Chunwang will have  today's achievements; because of all support, Chunwang will be so powerful;  thank you Chunwang people for their hard work over the years, thank  you!


The  company is growing and growing. Whether it is today's achievements or future  development, it is inseparable from the leaders of Chunwang, and it is  inseparable from the hard work and active cooperation of all employees. In 2018,  the company has emerged a group of outstanding employees. All of our employees  gathered to share the joy of honor; we listened together to listen to the voices  of outstanding employees.



(The  best employees in the fourth quarter of 2018, Chairman Wang awarded prizes and  certificates of honor)


The  best employee on behalf of her speech


(Excellent Employee in 2018, Chairman Wang awarded  prizes and certificates of honor)


(Excellent employee representative  speech)

 Years of rush, people, and common wishes and goals, so that  all Chunwang people meet here, Chunwang people invited Chairman Wang to give a  congratulatory message with the warmest applause!


(Chairman Wang)

Chairman Wang reviewed 2018. In this year, we have sweat,  tears, applause, and glory. The brilliant 2018 is to make us look forward to  2019 and hope for the future.

Chunwang people believe that under the leadership of  Chairman Wang and leaders, and the efforts of all colleagues, the company will  become more brilliant next year!

The passionate 2019 has already played a wonderful movement.  In this beautiful moment of the old and new, we sang and danced together, let us  celebrate the future with melodious songs and depict the wonderful with  beautiful dance.

In the 2019 Spring Festival, the 20th Anniversary Annual  Ceremony was kicked off by the opening sign language dance "I believe". The  language was expressed in the ten fingers of the transformation, and the dance  was presented in the arm. I am grateful to the family from the Home Division for  bringing us the sign language dance "I believe". We laughed loudly and joined  hands, and I believe that the Spring Festival family will have a better  tomorrow!


(Dance "I Believe")

In this exciting moment, we should dance, it is worth  recording this "good time", Chunwang guys in overseas dept brought the dance  "GOOD TIME", bringing a wonderful time! Chunwang has so many beautiful women Hot  dance, what a bloody thing, excited.



(Dance "GOOD TIME")

  Chunwang not only has big beautiful  women, but also many small beautiful women. These little beautiful women are the  children of our Chunwang staff. Let us dance with the pace of the little  dancers! Let us express the dance "ChaCha" with warm applause. Pay  tribute!


(Dance "CHA-CHA")

  Envy? The children nowadays are all developed in a moral,  intellectual, and artistic way. Today there is also a small martial artist.  


(Kungfu  Show)


(Photo of winner of the fourth  Class)

When it comes to the program that everyone is most looking forward  to every year at the Spring Festival party, the non-Chunwang tenor Tan manager  is the only one because Chun Wang is the only tenor who can combine the essays,  poetry readings and songs. As the saying goes, the singer who does not say that  the essay is not a good poet. Manager Tan brought us the song "The River of the  Father's Prairie Mother".



(Song "The River of the Father's Prairie  Mother")

  Manager Tan can be described as  a genius of Chunwang in 20 years. Chunwang also has a 20-day genius, that is,  this small series, which is made by this small series of soy sauce, "What Makes  You Beautiful".


(Dance"What Makes You  Beautiful")

  Guess which is a small series? You may wish to look at the  sketch while guessing, please enjoy the essay "甄嬛".


(Sketch "甄嬛")

  After reading the essay "甄嬛".  My doubts, it is estimated  that only this heavyweight singer can answer me! That is our Chairman Wang, who  can tell us what is the reason for happiness.


(The song "The Reasons for  Happiness")

Happiness is actually around us, but we often ignore the  happiness that we can reach and take it for granted.

The dance "Calories" brought by the  beauty of Chunwang Marketing Center hopes to burn my calories and slim  up!


(Dance "Calories")

 We gather here, enjoy the joy brought by  our fate, enjoy this good time; we gather here, feel the true feelings together,  and love to meet tomorrow; we gather here, open our hearts, release the passion;  we gather together Here, it will become a sea of joy, let happiness ring  through the clouds! Listen to the song "Marry to  Happiness".


(Song "Married to  Happiness")

  At the end of the year, everyone is eager to go, but many  people can't grab the high-speed rail ticket and can only choose to take the  train silently. When they think of such a long drive, they will feel a little  sad. Don't be sad, let's take a look at the wonderful story of the waiting room  brought by the family of the home business department.


("The Story of the Waiting  Room")

  At this point, the party was halfway through, and the  excellent staff representatives extracted 15 third prizes - cash red packets for  us. As soon as I heard the lottery, Xiaobian waited for the train's anxious  heart to suddenly quiet down. Although Xiaobian was in the special prize or the  first prize, but unfortunately the third prize, I can still accept  it.


(The above is a photo of the third prize  winner. There is no small series in it. But the big prize is always  behind, it seems that I am the winner of the big prize.)

  In short, I congratulate the family who just won the prize  and congratulate the family who have not won the prize. You are getting closer  and closer to the special prize. Do you know how to win a big prize? The secret  is that your ticket just meets the right person.

  Then listen carefully to the two witnesses who have  witnessed the 10th and 20th year of the Spring Festival goddess and sisters  brought us "just met you."



(Song "Just Meet You")

  Our two goddess sisters are the oldest  employees of Chunwang. They met each other in Chunwang and have experienced the  ups and downs of nearly 10 years. It can be said that they are looking forward  to growing up.


A song, a group of people, an emotion that can't be erased. Our  family in Chunwang can get together, and everyone just happens to meet each  other. Thanks for the fate, let us meet here, thanksgiving all the way, together  through the ups and downs. We are grateful to Chunwang for giving us the  platform to meet. The achievements of Chunwang are also the result of joint  efforts. We have left an unforgettable footprint in Chunwang. We are constantly  advancing and realizing our own ideals. Let us carry forward with gratitude, and  work together to create a better future! This wonderful moment, let us all  together "shake up and pick up."


(Dance "Shake it up")

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! These three thanks, one is to thank  the canteen big sister for the wonderful dance, the second is to thank the  cafeteria big sister has been quietly paying to provide us with delicious meals,  and third is to thank and bless all our dear Chunwang family.

Speaking of dear family, there is a song that is especially  suitable. Please listen to the "Wang Dear" that Chun Wang love song prince Zhou  Shuai brings to everyone.


(Song "Thinking about your  dear")

  Thank you, Zhou Shuai’s singing, and then, to the exciting  moment, the second prize was announced. The prize is a Sharp dryer per person, a  total of 3 places, then who will be lucky? The outstanding staff representatives  of the lucky draw quality control department will be  announced.


(second prize winner)

Editor’s mood is calm at this time. Although there is no me  in the photo, isn’t there a first prize and a special prize? But at this time,  there seems to be a boxer who seems to be angry because he didn’t win the prize.  Wen Shuai’s boxing show for us.


(boxing  performance)

  Our  host Luo Shuoge said that if he was not fat, he could beat Wen handsome guy; he  said that he was walking! The first prize was his. Xiaobian laughs and doesn't  talk, thinking that the first prize is not my gentleman. The prize for this  first prize is a Sharp refrigerator, a total of 2 places, drawn by the weekly  manager of the lucky draw guest manufacturing center.


(first prize winner)

The above is the first prize winner. It is obvious that  there is no such a big man who appears on the stage (the big man in the middle  is a lottery). The winners are Li Mei, the foreign trade department (the full  name is the name of a surnamed Li. If you can't afford a star name this year,  don't think of the first prize). Another one who laughs super happy is our  oldest employee. Manager Liu, one of the two, has been paying for Chunwang for  so many years, and has not won any prizes every year. It should be once again.  It seems that there is a reason for the first prize.

But don't be discouraged, the protagonist always comes with  BGM's last appearance. In the front, he eliminated so many competitors of the  1st, 2, 4, and 4th prizes. I still have a great chance for the final special  prize.

However, it is estimated that the host  Luo Shuaige can't eat too much. If he doesn't eat, he will wait for the skinny  ribs and thin into lightning. In this age of thinness, the problem of thinness  is not big. If it is in the Tang Dynasty, it will be thin. Cry in the toilet,  please enjoy the essay "The Beauty of the Tang  Dynasty".


(Small "Tang Dynasty  Beauty")

In the Tang Dynasty, it was fat, and it was the best in the  new era. Don't wave like a seaweed, please enjoy the dance  "Seaweed".


(Dance "Seaweed")

The dance "Seaweed" is very devilish, and Xiaobian can't  control his body and twist it. Like a seaweed seaweed

Seaweed and seaweed, drifting with the  waves...

With the devil's dance, the special prize  was announced immediately. The prize for this special prize is a Sharp washing  machine. The special prize is only one! Everyone is looking forward to it! The  chairman of Wang is unveiled for us!


  In the long-awaited expectation, Chairman Wang took out  the only special prize vouchers in 2019 and sold a piece of it. He said in one  sentence: "There is a chance. This year's special prize winner is surnamed Wang,  hahaha. .." Moderator MM added: "Who is the surname of the  king?"

  Hearing here, Xiaobian and the photographer were more  excited. He shoved the camera and shouted: "I am the surname of Wang. I am the  surname of Wang. I am the surname of Wang."

  Chairman Wang again laughed and added: "The name is three  words, hahaha..." The host MM added: "Who is the surname of the king? Is the  name three words?"

  Hearing here, Xiao Bian is even more excited: "I am the  three words of the surname Wang, I am the three characters of the surname Wang,  I am the three characters of the surname Wang." So Xiaobian silently picked up  the mobile phone: Hey, Is it a cargo pull? Ask me for a big truck to go to  Chunwang Industrial Park, the sixth industrial zone of Tongle Langbei, Longgang  District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. The length, width and height are about  1.5 meters, which is very heavy.


(From left to right: the winner of the special prize, the  chairman of the board of directors, the grand prize winner, her  husband)

The special prize passed me by, and I regret that there is.  The evening show was sung by my heart, "Tomorrow will be  better."


(Chorus "Tomorrow will be  better")

In the 20 years of struggle, the last note has been dropped. In the  past year, Chunwang people have created their honors and achievements with  sweat, completed their dreams and goals with hard work, and left too much touch  and joy on our way forward. .

Looking back, we are full of emotions. Because of your efforts,  Chunwang will have today's achievements; because of your support, Chunwang will  be so powerful; thank you Chunwang people for their hard work over the years,  thank you!