Container Desiccant For Coffee Bean

- Jun 18, 2020-

Desiccant is a moisture removing agent that absorbs moisture from the air, which works through principles, physically adsorbing water molecules into their own structure or absorbing moisture by the converted substance of chemical reaction. During the cargo shipment and storage, the huge temperature difference between day and night make the gas-rich air temperature supersaturated, which was locked inside the container during the day. The cargo usually go through the hot temperature marine like climate and big difference in temperature which could be between 0℃-80℃,and the humidity could be up to 98%. We call “Dew Condensation phenomenon”. When the temperature is 30℃, the container content of the air is 30.4g/m3 .When the temperature is from 30℃ to 18℃ , the water vapor content will be reduced to 15.4 g/m3 , .Other water vapor condenses into water, which is commonly known as “Container Rain”. It would cause a very negative impact to the goods packing image, so we need a certain quantity of desiccant to solve the problem.
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