Container Desiccant Prevent Moisture For Refrigerator

- Mar 24, 2021-

Corrosion is definitely a concern when packaging and shipping delicate electronic devices or components.  Many electronic components have exposed copper which in the presence of moisture can corrode.  When electrical contact is required, even a slightly corroded copper surface can impede connections.

Desiccants have traditionally been used to protect electronic products over long periods of storage or shipment.  Desiccants will “suck” excess moisture out of the immediate surrounding area and keep the package relatively dry.  This method has proven to be fairly effective, but it has not kept the product corrosion-free in every case.


1. When exporting containers, try to choose a container with a wooden floor moisture content of less than 18%; if it exceeds, try to load the container in the sun before loading it, and a suitable amount of desiccant can also be used;

2. The water content of the carton should be controlled at 10% as far as possible, and the wooden pallet should be under 18;

3. The top water vapor is serious, choose a 1.4 kg dry strip that efficiently and quickly absorb water vapor and place it on the top of the cargo;

4. Choose the time of product loading at noon or afternoon to avoid heavy air and water vapor in the early morning and evening.

Dry Absorbent Container Desiccant


moisture meter

Before cargo loading, use a moisture meter to test the container floor humidity and cargo humidity


chart of temperature Test Shipment