Desiccant Preventing Food From Mildew

- Mar 24, 2021-

As we know there are a lot of fat, sugar, protein, vitamin and minerals in nuts and roasted snacks.
Under the influence of ultraviolet, oxygen and moisture, fat will oxidize, making it rancidity and metamorphic.
Besides, the moisture content of nuts and roasted snacks is low, averagely below 15%. In wet weather, it can soften and mildew.
Desiccant can lower humidity, relieve oxidation and rancidity, maintaining food original taste.

The primary purpose of desiccant bags is to absorb moisture in small areas. Due to this, the packages are often placed with dehydrated foods such as jerky or dried seaweed. The packets help prevent the development of moisture and, from there, mold. Due to the usage of food, desiccants bags must utilize a high grade of packaging in order to prevent the internal material from coming in contact with the food.

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