Industrial And Commercial Change Registration And Company Charter Announcement

- Mar 28, 2017-

First, the basic situation

Shenzhen Chunwang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the company”) held the 2016 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on May 17, 2017 to review and approve the “Proposal on the “2016 Annual Equity Distribution Plan” and “Revising the Company” For details of the relevant provisions of the Articles of Association, please refer to the Announcement of Resolutions of the 2016 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (Announcement No.: 2017-023) disclosed by the Company on the Information Disclosure Platform of the National Small and Medium Enterprise Share Transfer System.

The company has completed the implementation of the equity distribution. For details, please refer to the “2016 Annual Equity Distribution Implementation Announcement” (Announcement No.: 2017-025) disclosed on the National SME Share Transfer System Information Disclosure Platform on May 24, 2017. The Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision Administration has completed the procedures for the registration of industrial and commercial changes with the addition of registered capital and the filing of new articles of association. After the change, the registered capital of the company increased from RMB 24,622,353 to RMB 32,009,058.

Special announcement!

Second, the documents for reference

Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision Administration "Notification (Record) Notice"

Announcement No.: 2017-029