Silica Gel Desiccant For Diagnostic Reagent Kits

- Apr 02, 2021-

pharmaceutical desiccant application

Medical in vitro biological diagnostic reagents play a decisive role in the diagnosis of diseases. It is particularly important to maintain a dry packaging environment during storage. Related diagnostic reagent manufacturers generally use diagnostic reagent desiccants (detection kit desiccants) to keep products during storage. The dry environment.

In vitro diagnostic reagents, as a communication language in the microcosm, have made outstanding contributions in blood glucose testing, urine testing, women and children testing, and infectious disease testing. Two-thirds of global medical decisions are made based on diagnostic information, and diagnostic expenditures only account for 1% of total medical expenditures. The cost-effective advantage is obvious. Diagnostic reagents have undergone four technological revolutions, including chemistry, enzymes, immunoassays, and chemiluminescence probe technology, and have developed so far. They have now been popularized in tens of thousands of households. They are tested by medical in vitro biological diagnostic reagents. The health status greatly facilitates the self-prevention of users.

Most of the medical in vitro biological diagnostic reagents are used to detect the corresponding test items through the color reaction of enzymes, but because humidity has a great interference to its utility, it is necessary to control the production, transportation and storage of medical in vitro biological diagnostic reagents. Humidity problems.