Water Vapour Contained In One Cubic Meter Of Air

- Oct 24, 2019-

Water Vapour Contained in One Cubic Meter of Air 

1 m³ of air contains 39.50 g of water at 45 ºC and 60 % relative humidity. Cooling of this air to 35 ºC (dew point) produces relative humidity of 100 %. So the same volume of water in 1 m³ of air is equivalent to 60 % relative humidity at 45 ºC and to 100 % relative humidity at 35 ºC. The air will no longer be able to hold the water if the temperature drops further to 15 ºC. It precipitates on the products and the packaging, or is absorbed by them. Relative humidity remains constant at no more than 100 % at 15 ºC. Only 12.82 g of water can be held. The rest is absorbed by the goods or the packaging: 39.5 g–12.82 g = 26.68 g water.

Water Vapour Contained in One Cubic Meter of Air

How to prevent moisture damage inside package or shipping containers?

Desiccant is the cost-effective way to protect the goods against moisture damage.

Moisture barrier bag also can be used for ESD, semiconductors components. 

Air conditioner is another way to use in room, or warehouse. 

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