What Are The Main Packaging Materials For Desiccants

- Apr 16, 2017-

The desiccant package must have good air permeability, strength and excellent heat sealability. Currently widely used desiccant packaging materials are: domestically produced ventilated paper (filter paper), non-woven fabric, composite paper, textured paper, wax paper, Aihua paper and DuPont's Tyvek.

1. The filter paper has good air permeability, and the shortcoming is easy to leak ash. It can be used for small-size silica gel desiccant packaging, but it can not be used for the packaging of montmorillonite desiccant because the strength of montmorillonite desiccant is not enough and it is easy to leak powder;


2. The non-woven fabric has a certain strength, and has excellent gas permeability and adhesion. The disadvantage is that it is easy to leak ash. It can be used for silica gel desiccant packaging, but it is used to package montmorillonite and easily leak powder;


3. Composite paper is cheap, but poorly permeable, resulting in slow moisture absorption, generally not suitable for moisture-proof packaging of electronic products;


4. Textured paper has good air permeability, high strength, good dustproofness, wide applicability, and higher price than ordinary composite paper, but far lower than DuPont paper, it is an ideal choice for medium and high-grade packaging materials;


5. Wax paper mainly has two kinds of transparent wax paper and milk stencil paper. It has good oil and water resistance, good heat sealing property, and can recognize the inner packaged object through paper.


6. Aihua paper is made of special fiber textile. It can be clearly recognized as the transparent Aihua paper through the paper. This material has good air permeability, good fabric density, smooth surface and good heat sealing performance. It is mainly used for the packaging of food desiccants and pharmaceutical desiccants.


7. Tyvek, commonly known as “Tear Not Rotten”, also known as DuPont Paper, is an ideal material for various desiccant packaging. It has high strength, folding resistance, tear resistance, antistatic, good breathability, etc. It also has excellent weather resistance and chemical resistance. It is dust-free design and is used for packaging desiccant. It has good gas permeability, sufficient strength and beautiful printing effect. The disadvantage is high price.


According to different application industries and weights, different packaging materials can be selected. For example, large-sized desiccant needs to use stronger packaging materials; electronic products have requirements for dustproof and antistatic performance of desiccant packaging materials; food and medicine There are requirements for the strength and clean performance of desiccant packaging materials; contact and back-flow and gas permeability requirements of hardware and handicrafts for desiccant; continuous desiccant (chain-like) of automatic packaging for tensile strength and toughness of packaging materials Request and so on.