What Is A Deoxidizer And Deoxidizer Application Range

- Aug 15, 2018-

The deoxidizer is not a food additive. It absorbs the oxygen in the packaging container by the principle of iron powder oxidation, and rapidly reduces the oxygen concentration to less than 0.01% within 0.5-2 working days. Thereby ensuring that the article is not oxidized and deteriorated. The reaction is stable, has no strange smell, no harmful gas generation, and no side effects. In recent years, with the development of the food industry and the improvement of packaging materials, deoxidizers have received more and more attention in China, and their applications have become more and more extensive. Widely used in a variety of Chinese and Western style cakes, Mid-Autumn moon cakes, poultry meat products, nuts roasted seeds and nuts food, aquatic products dry goods, other mountain foods, medical and health care products. Chunwang deoxidizer is currently widely loved by major customers, welcome to buy Chunwang deoxidizer.