Why Is The Clothing Easy To Mold

- Jun 21, 2017-

Many people have this kind of trouble: white and clean shirts suddenly appear a lot of black spots, some clothes even have mildew deterioration, local deterioration, surface color is dark, tarnish, and in the rainy season, this phenomenon is even more serious.

So why is the clothing prone to mold? The main reasons are as follows.

1. Mold is the main cause of moldy clothing, and the root cause of mold reproduction is the humid environment. China's geographical environment characteristics, the southern air humidity is high, the temperature is suitable for high, these provide a powerful environment for the growth of mold.

2. The main materials of clothing are generally cotton, leather, silk, wool, chemical fiber, etc., which have high water content and are easy to absorb water. For example, leather products are very prone to mildew. The moisture content of leather is generally above 14%, and even high is even 18%. When the moisture content exceeds 12%, there is a risk of mold.

3. Unclean clothing is another cause of mold. If the oil stains on the clothes, sweat stains, etc. are not washed, it is easy to cause bacteria to grow.

4. Improper storage method. If the garment is washed and stored without being completely dried, it is particularly susceptible to mildew. The basic requirement for garment storage is a ventilated and dry environment to avoid sun exposure. Different materials of clothing, storage methods are not the same. When the season is approaching, when the clothes are not ready to be collected, the neckline, cuffs, plackets and other places where the clothes are easily contaminated should be wiped clean with water or alcohol solution. The clothes need to be fully dried and then stacked. If there is mildew on the leather clothes, wipe off the soapy water or wash the clothes with a towel, rinse with water, and dry it thoroughly to coat the jacket oil. Places where clothes are stored, such as cabinets, storage boxes, etc., also need to be inspected. When the weather is better, open the closet door and let it dry. There are still a lot of molds in the corners and corners of the wardrobe. Be sure to clean it up. Please keep the closet dry and ventilated. Back to the South in the South is the most prone to mold. Advance purchase of desiccant with good moisture absorption, such as Chunwang desiccant, dehumidification box, etc., in the locker. Spread some dry newspapers at the bottom. Do not underestimate the role of desiccant. These small, inconspicuous objects protect the items from moisture and mildew.

5. For those who export clothing. If you do not pay attention to moisture during transportation, it is likely to cause huge losses. After the finished garments are packed, they are placed in cartons and then transported by container. In the process of marine transportation, the temperature and humidity inside the container changed drastically. Excess water vapor will condense and drip along the container wall or directly onto the cargo to form container rain, which greatly increases the risk of moisture and mildew of the product. China is a big trading country. According to the statistics of the General Administration of Customs, from January to August 2016, China’s textile and apparel exports totaled 178.337 billion US dollars. If it is in the ocean transportation, the damage caused by the moisture is also huge. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of protection in advance. A package of clothing desiccant is placed inside the carton or inside the plastic bag, and the container wall and the desiccant for hanging 8~12 containers at the top of the cabinet can effectively prevent the product from being damaged by the rain and the risk of cargo loss.