Fried Nuts Oxygen Absorbent 20cc Packet

Fried Nuts Oxygen Absorbent 20cc Packet

Oxygen Absorbent use in fried nuts to remove oxygen, keep food fresh and extend their shelf life.

Product Details

Fried Nuts Oxygen absorbent 20cc packet


Main ingredient:

Iron powder, activated carbon, sodium chloride


  • By absorbing the oxygen in the packaging, effectively inhibit the growth of aerobic bacteria and mold.

  • Prevent from mildew, lipid oxidation, insects,aging,discoloration,rust,and extend shelf life of food.

  • Also prevent fat from rancidity; meat oxidative; the loss of vitamins in food and other aspestc.

Product details:

Item: 20cc deoxidizer packet

Size: 35*40mm

Oxygen intake capacity: 160ml/pcs

Scope of application: 300ml

packing quantity: 8000pcs/carton

Goods are sold in full carton, if want to know more details, please contact us to disscuss more!

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