Activated Carbon Car Air Freshener

Activated Carbon Car Air Freshener

‚ÄčIngredient: modified activated carbon
Net weight: 700 gram
Color: black + brown
Specification: Linen carbon bags *4 + 10 continuous carbon bags
size: 9.5*90 cm

Product Details

Activated Carbon Car Air Freshener Details:

Ingredient: modified activated carbon
Net weight: 700 gram
Color: black + brown
Specification: linen carbon bags *4 + 10 continuous carbon bags

Size: 9.5*90 cm

Product description:

The main content of activated carbon car air freshener is modified activated carbon. It has a large pore diameter and strong absorption ability can effectively remove the car formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, TVOC and other harmful gases. Car carbon bags use special non-woven fabric packaging, the permeability is strong, besides, it has the function of moisture absorbing. It is very fashionable and exquisite with 4 single packages and 10 plus(continuous) design, do not take up the car space.

Car formaldehyde can irritate the skin mucous membrane and cause headaches, fatigue, depression, etc.


1. 10plus continuous package, exclusive design

2. Small carbon bag, the large adsorption capacity

3. Ultrasonic sewing process, no leakage ash

4. Customize specification, car special design

5. Process refined, joker interior

6. Trunk & damper-10plus bag, exclusive place, zero space take up

Activated carbon car air freshener is specifically designed for car interior space, the weight, size, packing structure and color.  All details are especially suitable in the car. It is a real car carbon bag.

Why do we need a 10-plus car carbon bag?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder even put package all day, solve common charcoal bags in put, easy to let the car is chaotic.

Make full use of the location of the rear window, according to the habits, this is the whole vehicle use the lowest frequency, and the hidden place, but it is an excellent location put charcoal bags. Solve the problem of space using while ordinary charcoal package takes up the car.

Method of use:

Lead content counter - glass in the door inside content before and after the tank under the seat back & baffle place (10 places where even the package)

Maintenance tips:

1. This product uses permeability good non-woven, can also be moisture proof mildew, please do not cut non-woven the inner packaging, in order to avoid broken carbon powder on leakage.

2. The charcoal package needs to stay dry so it can better play to the product efficacy. If carbon bag gets wet, please insolate it  in the sun for a few hours and let charcoal package completely dry.

3. The carbon bag placed in proper position inside the car, and open a window ventilated, alternate air more tourists other emissions to the outside.


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