Activated Carbon Refrigerator Deodorizer

Activated Carbon Refrigerator Deodorizer

​Weight: 60gram
Dimensions: 127*67*30 mm
Ingredient: activated carbon
There exists bad smells such as Methane, sulfur dioxide, Methylthio Acid, methyl amine etc ,in most of the refrigerators which do harm to human health.

Product Details

Activated Carbon Refrigerator Deodorizer Details:

There exist bad smells such as Methane, sulfur dioxide, Methylthio Acid, methylamine etc, in most of the refrigerators which do harm to human health. Refrigerator deodorizer is special designed for eliminating bad odors in the refrigerators.

Materialnatural modified activated carbon
Functionabsorb odor and air freshener
Packagecolorful plastic box, hanging type, plastic ball
Used forrefrigerator
Package box colorblue, white, green, pink, orange or customized
Packing detail48 boxes/ctn
Net weight60g or customized
Weight60 gram

127*67*30 mm

Ingredientactivated carbon


1. This product uses CHUNWANG self-developed modified granule activated carbon as raw materials, fused with high iodine coconut shell activated carbon, processed by high-tech formula.

2. Effective absorption of formaldehyde, methane, benzene, ammonia, TVOC and other harmful gases.

3. A significant effect of odor removal, air purification, protection fresh food hygiene

4. Multi-faceted plastic box packaging, fast adsorption, safe, healthy, simple, fashion, home essential products.

5. It has strong antibacterial, deodorizing and fresh-keeping effects. It can absorb the ethylene gas or spoiled odor generated by the food in the refrigerator, can effectively prevent the taste of the food, and make the refrigerator fresher.

6. Food grade PP material, healthy, environmental, safe

7. Medical grade non woven fabric, strong toughness and air permeability no leakage.

8. ChunWang modified globular activated carbon, strong adsorption capacity.


1. Putting the refrigerator box in each layer

2. Reusable, expose the carbon bags in the sun for several hours each month.

3. Do not cut off the non-woven fabric

4. Do not eat, take care of the children.

5. When used, tear out the outer plastic film and put it into the refrigerator, avoid directly touching liquids.

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