1.4KG Container Desiccant Protecting Cargo From Moistue Damage

1.4KG Container Desiccant Protecting Cargo From Moistue Damage

CHUNWAGN ® Container desiccant, also called container moisture absorber is specially designed for moisture prevention inside container during transit and storage. The hanging strips are the most popular model to be used by exporters and importers of agricultural cargo, chemical, furniture, garment, etc.

Product Details

Using Guide

1)Container checking:

Check any damage in the container, such as container walls, top, bottom, whether there is a hole (crack ) or not.

Container doors must be closed to seal the rubber must be good.

Containers prior to loading must be dry and clean.

2)Container flooring moist checking:

If possible, do not use the container whose wood moisture value exceeds 20%, it will increase the risk of damp. If you cannot change, then increase the using quantity of Chunwang container desiccant based on the inside water content to ensure cargo security。

Please do not use the container whose wood humidity over 25%.

3)Seal all holes.

4)Take out the container desiccant from the sealed plastic bag.

5)hanging the dry pole on the hook with tape affixed to the lower end on the inner wall.

6)keep the distance between goods and desiccant to 5-10CM, do not cover the surface of the desiccant, and let the desiccant contact with air, so as not to affect the absorption effect. The volume of the desiccant will be increased after absorption, therefore requires appropriated space. Do not put anything on the dry pole, avoid being oppressed.

7) Close the container door.

8)Container dry pole, can be directly hung, easy to operate.

Product Specification

ClassificationChemical Auxiliary Agent
Absorption Rate200%
Weight1 kg
Packing MaterialTyvek + PE
Adsorbent VarietyCalcium Chloride
Shelf Life2 years
Size80*17*3 cm


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