Copper Parts Transport Container Desiccant Bags

Copper Parts Transport Container Desiccant Bags

A product to protect copper, steel and metal parts or tools from corrosion, rust. Desiccant amount depending on dimension and the nature of product, package.

Product Details

Impact of moisture on the corrosion behavior of copper and mild carbon steel in corn biodiesel

Presence of moisture is very important for vegetable oils and for corresponding biodiesel because it may cause some problems or accelerate some issues that cannot be ignored. 

biodiesel is its hygroscopic nature, which accelerates the corrosion of the fuel system of the engines. 

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The Effects of Corrosion

Preventing corrosion has become a lucrative industry. No one wants to drive in a rusted car if they can help it. But corrosion is more than just a cosmetic concern. 

Corrosion can be dangerous if it affects infrastructure such as buildings, bridges, sewage pipes, the water supply, ships, and other vessels. 

Corrosion can cause infrastructure to weaken, putting lives at risk. So, while corrosion prevention may be costly, it certainly is necessary.

There are two different methods employed in corrosion protection, including:

1.    Physical corrosion protection (essentially the withdrawal of humidity)

Transport packaging in the form of PE-bag usually in combination with desiccants

Aluminium foil in combination with desiccants

Vacuum packaging

2.    Chemical corrosion protection (modification of the physical process) 

Oils and fluids

Acids and bases

Washing emulsions

Corrosion Protection Inhibitors (VCI films, VCI papers, VCI cardboards, etc.)


Zinc coating

Synthetic coating

Protective gases (oxygen scavenging and ethylene absorbing)

Container Desiccant Specification

Container Desiccant Absorption

Container Desiccant Data Sheet

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