Calcium Chloride Desiccant Packet

Calcium Chloride Desiccant Packet

Calcium chloride captures absorbed water into a chamber that prevents moisture from leaking into the cargo, space or re-evaporating back into the air. Also calcium chloride is environmentally safe. ... It's clear that we plead for dessicants that exist of calcium chloride.

Product Details

The most economical and effective option to prevent moisture inside packaging or shipment

1. Advantages of moisture absorption: The moisture absorption capacity of calcium chloride desiccant is more than 10 times that of ordinary desiccant.

2. Packaging advantages: ordinary desiccant generally adopts single-layer packaging that cannot lock water. Calcium chloride desiccant adopts double-layer packaging of DuPont paper + non-woven fabric with strong water-locking ability.

3. Applicable temperature range advantage: Silica gel desiccant will not only absorb water but will release water vapor when the temperature exceeds 37 °C (this characteristic determines that silica gel desiccant is not suitable for use in sea transportation), and calcium chloride desiccant is suitable for -5 °C to 90 °C.

4. Brand advantage: Chunwang brand has been widely used by many Fortune 500 companies and has a certain popularity in the world.

5. Environmental advantages: no EU restrictions such as DMF and any biocide, no pollution to the environment, can be discarded as ordinary garbage.

6. Service advantage: Chunwang professional team can provide you with free product testing and tailor-made moisture and mildew proof solutions for you.

Using steps



Take the desiccant package out of the carton.



Open the plastic bag, make sure the desiccant is useful.



Take out suitable amount for use, put it into the package of your product and seal the package instantly.



The rest , reseal as soon as possible for next use.

Using instructions

Why do we need desiccants?

During the transportation or warehousing, wet environment usual cause irreparable loss to your goods , such as breakage ,deformation , midew, odors and others Fortunately,use right amount desiccant is an effective solution to the moisture problem.

For reference

The graft is for reference only ,the use of desiccant amount should be depended on package volume , hydrous materials and others.

Volume of the box(CBM)Weight(g)

Desiccant Specification


Desiccant Usage

Absorption Desiccant

Desiccant Application

Desiccant factory

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