Calcium Chloride Desiccant Use

Calcium Chloride Desiccant Use

Calcium chloride is the mostly commonly used and efficiently well performmed desiccant. All drop positive feedback after they use and then give up silica gel or clay.

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Why calcium chloride desiccant is the most commonly used desiccant and most well-performmed desiccant among so many types desiccant(silica gel, mineral clay, quicklime, etc)

  • odorless and tasteless;

  • extremely strong moisture absorption;

  • quickly absorb moisture;

The great absorption of calcium chloride desiccant determines its ability to absorb moisture (drying) in the solid state and is not easy to react with other substances. Therefore, calcium chloride desiccant is the most common in the world and has the best moisture absorption capacity. 

Calcium chloride desiccant has the following characteristics:

1. High moisture absorption property, the moisture absorption rate can reach more than 300% of its own weight.

2. The improved new packaging adopts the one-way transmission technology, moisture can enter the package and fully contact with the calcium chloride desiccant powder of the content, and the moisture and gel after the condensation will not get out. 

3. New welding edge binding technology to completely prevent edge damage.

4. There is no potential pollution to high value goods.

5. Product safety, in line with global export standards, does not contain any toxic substances.

6. The period of use is generally 2 to 3 months.

7. Degradable, easy to use after use, no special recycling, just ordinary garbage collection procedures.

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