CHUNWANG® Super Dry Desiccant Pack 5g

CHUNWANG® Super Dry Desiccant Pack 5g

CHUNWANG® Super Dry Desiccant Pack 5g is newly designed descicant to protect the goods against moisture damage. It is easy to install because it can be stuck to any clean and dry surface.

Product Details

CHUNWANG® Super Dry Desiccant Pack 5g


Product NameCHUNWANG® Super Dry Desiccant Pack 5g
External shell inside tyvek+PET, coated non woven 
Form packet 
Product NO.CODE-5C4
seal typeback seal, hot seal
Packaging125 pcs/foil bag, 1500 pcs/box, box size:46*28*26cm;
On pallets(LCL):  1 pallet=56 boxes=84,000 pcs
On pallets(20FT): 1 pallet=64 boxes=84,000 pcs, 20ft=12 pallets, 20ft=1,008,000 pcs
20FT: 840 boxes= 1,260,000 pcs

ApplicationCHUNWANG® Desiccant Pack 5g is specially used for garments, furniture,LED,etc of H&M, C&A, ALDI, Walmart, Costco Wholesale, OTTO, IKEA, Kuka,etc;
This model will be put inside single PE bag, poly bag, gift box, etc of above mentioned products to keep them from moisture attack.
5g sachets usually absorb 10-15g moisture inside the packages, which will last for more than 3-4 months.  

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