CHUNWANG® Efficient Desiccant Bag 2g

CHUNWANG® Efficient Desiccant Bag 2g

Desiccant Calcium Chloride is the drying agent as chemical absorption. It is usually used for packaging of garments, furnitures,shoes, electronics, hardware, wood, metal products,etc. Its application is -5℃-90℃.

Product Details


Product NameCHUNWANG® Efficient Desiccant Bag 2g
External shell inside tyvek+PET, coated non woven 
Form bags/packets
Product NO.CODE-2C4
seal typeback seal, hot seal
Packaging250 pcs/foil bag, 2500 pcs/box, box size:46*28*26cm;
On pallets(LCL):  1 pallet=56 boxes=140,000 pcs
On pallets(20FT): 1 pallet=64 boxes=160,000 pcs, 20ft=12 pallets, 20ft=1,920,000 pcs
20FT: 840 boxes= 2,100,000 pcs

ApplicationDesiccant bag 2g are composed of powder calcium chloride and starch, which is specially designed for shoes,clothings and packages of small bags or boxes. It will protect the leather or textile products from mold, mildew, discolor caused by moisture during storage and shipment.
1 or 2 piece of CHUNWANG ® will be used according to the material and size of the shoes boxes. 

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