Desiccant For Moisture Control

Desiccant For Moisture Control

When shipping items any distance moisture is a concern. No matter what good you are shipping, moisture in your shipment can cause damage or outright ruin the items before they ever arrive. One method to control moisture in shipments is to use something called a desiccant.

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Condition of getting mold 

1) Humidity: The relative humidity of the environment is greater than 60% and the mold start to grow. When it is more than 65% of RH, the growth is accelerated. When the humidity reaches RH80-95%, it is a high-incidence environment of mold.

2) Temperature: The mold mycelium can grow at an ambient temperature of 8 degrees or higher, and the growth is accelerated above 12 degrees. • When the temperature is above 10 degrees and the humidity is above 60%, the mold can cause damage to the product. When the temperature is between 20 and 35 degrees and the humidity is between 75 and 95%, the mold can grow explosively.

3) Other factors such as time.

Proper prevention measures for goods:

The amount of cargo is damp and mildewed, and it is too late to take the remedy after the remedy. Therefore, the moisture is heavy in a "defense" word, and prevention is the main priority. So how to prevent the goods from getting wet and mildew? The solution provided by Chunwang is to use desiccant (silica gel desiccant, montmorillonite desiccant, calcium chloride desiccant and container desiccant, etc.). The desiccant can control the relative humidity in the packaging environment of the goods and destroy the mold by reducing the relative humidity. The long strips are grown to prevent the goods from getting wet and mildew.

Improve Moisture Control With CHUNWANG/DRY-PLUS Desiccants From CHUNWANG

Are you experiencing issues with moisture in your packaging process?

Are you experiencing issues with corrosion during transportation?

Are your profits being eaten away because your products aren’t arriving at their location in excellent condition?

We can help with that! We’re the experts when it comes to corrosion protection solutions. We have packaging solutions that will ensure your goods arrive at their intended destination in a safe and dry manner. Chunwang's CHUNWANG  Desiccants are the most effective drying agents on the market! At Chunwang, we have decades of experience supplying of Desiccants and we’re aware that not all Desiccants will be efficient or effective for all applications. That’s why MetPro can provide custom packaging dependent on the level of protection that’s required. 

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