Moisture Absorbing For Shoes

Moisture Absorbing For Shoes

High efficient, NON DMF, REACH compliant;For packaging, storage, shipping use and also home use. Available in sachet, bags, or boxes

Product Details


Unique DuPont lock wet paper

Can firmly lock the moisture in the air

Lock moisture without back seepage

At the same time, the paper is strong and durable.

Breathable and watertight

Even if you force it, you are not afraid of tearing.

The culprit of the mildew of shoes - "glue"

Then why does the glue become the culprit of mildew? First, the general glue is composed of polyvinyl alcohol, white latex, sodium stearate, talcum powder, urea, ethylene glycol, sucrose, flavor, water, etc., slightly stimulated. Flavor, volatile, volatile gas with weak tearing. In order to eliminate the irritating odor in the glue, the glue manufacturer will add a small amount of ammonia water in the glue to balance and play a deodorant effect. At the same time, however, the alkaline environment makes the glue, especially the water-soluble white latex, rich in sugar and protein, providing a large amount of breeding nutrition and food for the mold. Secondly, the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta region are subtropical climates. Sea transportation, temperature and humidity vary greatly, increasing the risk of moisture and mildew in the glue.


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