Humidity Dry Packet

Humidity Dry Packet

Humidity Dry Packet is kind of desiccant to absorb moisture inside packaging, storage or shipment of garments, furniture, lamps, wood, steel, metal,etc.Partners include Huawei, ZTE, TCL, Foxconn.

Product Details

Small pouch, hi-absorption capacity 

Over 200% absorption, 3 times higher than that of silica gel, clay

Where there is moisture, there is CHUNWANG desiccant 

Our products are used everywhere. Commercial use: distribution, handling and storage. Industrial use: packaging  of garments, furniture, wood product, steel products, agricultural cargo, etc

All sizes leads to your package

1-1000 gram, 2000gram 

Who choose, you choose

Walmart, H&M, C&A, COSTCO, SPB, MATTEL,etc

No danger, no worry.

These sachets are REACH compliant(EU), NON DMF, ROHS compliant certified by SGS.

Do not consider to use drying agent until your goods are already moisture damaged. 

Desiccant Specification


Desiccant Usage

Absorption Desiccant

Desiccant Application

Desiccant factory

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