Calcium Chloride Packs

Calcium Chloride Packs

Calcium chloride packaging is a desiccant solution for moisture-proof, the main component is calcium chloride. Now widely used in clothing, furniture, shipping and other industries.

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Calcium chloride desiccant generates liquid water (calcium chloride solution) when it absorbs moisture in the air. It is prone to leakage when liquid water is in use. 

As a desiccant, it must be guaranteed to be safe. Therefore, for calcium chloride packaging paper, it must have the characteristics of strong water-locking property and strong gas permeability.

Calcium chloride desiccant small package: 2g, 5g, 10g, 25g, 50g, 100g, 125g,200g 

Container desiccant: 1000g.

The wrapping paper usually uses 1025D, 1056D peritoneal DuPont paper, but with the continuous price increase of DuPont paper, plus its own price is very expensive. Moreover, if it is packaged in a single layer, it cannot be guaranteed to be completely locked.

Therefore, from many aspects, it is recommended to use a two-layer packaging solution. With the improvement of the machinery, it has also been done, reducing the manual solution.

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Absorption Desiccant

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