Powder Desiccant Tyvek Packet

Powder Desiccant Tyvek Packet

Powder Desiccant is calcium chloride desiccant, packed by tyvek and PET film, with adhesive backing for stuck on pallets, boxes, shipping container.

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The live ore desiccant is a pure natural mineral desiccant made of natural attapulgite clay as the main raw material, directly taken from nature, granulated, dried and other physical methods. The main raw material of calcium chloride desiccant is calcium chloride, which is made by using high-quality calcium carbonate and hydrochloric acid as raw materials, and is synthesized by reaction, filtration, evaporation, concentration and drying.

2g, 3g, 5g, 10g, 25g mostly used in clothes area;
50g,100g, 125g usually applied in container and for machine equipment;
Widely used in oil seal, optical medicine, health food and military products.

International first-class production capacity

♦ Strict QC inspection

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