Desiccant Used In Packaging

Desiccant Used In Packaging

20 years of strength brand. Our desiccant packaging bag meets QS ROHS standard. The product has multiple audits and strict control. The desiccant packaging bag is sold well all over the world and has won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign customers.

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Condensation form in a sealed packaging

Condensation that forms on the inside of storage containers is caused by water vapor in the air that is trapped within the container when it is sealed. ... The refrigerator temperature is below the dew point of the air trapped within the container, causing water droplets to form on the inside of the container.


Calcium Chloride Desiccant - a desiccant with the strongest moisture absorption and longest moisture retention in all desiccants. Its moisture absorption rate is usually six or seven times that of silica gel, and the moisture absorption capacity in shipping containers is even more achievable. More than 300%. Therefore, it is often used for maritime container containers to prevent moisture. After all, due to the large temperature difference between day and night, the environment is seriously wet!

Since the moisture-proof requirements of industrial products are usually strict, strict moisture-proof measures are often taken from the production and storage of products. The general moisture-proof measures are mainly environmental moisture-proof and packaging moisture-proof.

Environmental moisture protection: mainly refers to the humidity control of fixed places such as production workshops, warehouses, production transfer links, etc. The environmental moisture protection mainly uses industrial dehumidifiers combined with temperature and humidity monitoring system to control the environmental humidity. The electronic moisture-proof cabinet is mainly used for the production turnover and short-term of small parts. Store.

Packaging moisture-proof: mainly refers to the completion of production, entering the stage of packaging for sale, until the storage and transportation process of this stage before the opening of the package is put into use, this stage may have to go through months and ten months or even longer, in order to ensure For dry and safe storage of the product for such a long period of time, it is necessary to take appropriate moisture-proof measures. The moisture-proof packaging is usually used with a desiccant for packaging and a moisture-proof packaging bag.

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