Reusable Interior Calcium Chloride Dehumidifier Box

1.Absorption can up to 200%,the capacity of absorption for 1 box is greater than 2 bottle of cola. 2.This moisture absorber box is refillable.After using,throw away the empty non-woven fabric bag,pour the water in box, replace a new calcium chloride bag. 3.Adopt high quality SMS non-woven packaging with good breathability, strong toughness and corrosion resistance. 4.The struction of this product is scientific, it is useful for repeated use of the box and convenient to replace the absorption raw material.

Product Details

Reusable interior calcium chloride dehumidifier box

Product description

Product nameReusable interior calcium chloride dehumidifier box 
Net weight450g
Hygroscopic capacity900ml
Raw MaterialCalcium chloride granues
PackagePoly bag
Applicationschest, cabinet,bedroom, kitchen,warehouse,office, etc
MOQ(customized)Cusomized label & sleeve card MOQ 5000pcs
Shelf lifePlaced in dry, normal condition, keep sealed 3 years

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