Moisture Absorbing Desiccant Packet

Moisture Absorbing Desiccant Packet

The high moisture absorption desiccant is actually a calcium chloride desiccant, which is a solid substance capable of effectively adsorbing some of the components from a gas or a liquid.

Product Details

1. Suitable structure surface 

2. Strong adsorption capacity

3. Generally, it does not react chemically with water and medium;

4, easy to manufacture, easy to regenerate;

5, have good mechanical strength and so on.

Absorbentof calcium chloride, clay, silica gel, activated carbon,etc
Packing materialacts as a bag for wrapping the raw materials needs to have certain gas permeability and dustproof performance,
Moisture absorption ratedepending on the absorbent type and packing paper
Usagedifferent desiccant will suit different products
Sizes & Dimensions 0.5-2000 gram 

Desiccant Specification


Desiccant Usage

Absorption Desiccant

Desiccant Application

Desiccant factory

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