Anti Rust VCI Desiccant

Anti Rust VCI Desiccant

Anti-rust desiccant is a multifunctional desiccant prepared by special production process based on natural minerals and gas phase corrosion inhibitor. It not only absorbs water but also has excellent gas phase rust prevention.

Product Details

1. Low price: less than 16 yuan per kilogram (bulk);

2. It is an environmentally friendly product consisting of natural minerals and chemically decomposable substances, which does not pollute the environment; (silica gel is not degradable, the lower the pH, the more harmful the environment is)

3. The moisture absorption rate is more than 80%, which is more than twice that of silica gel, and will increase with the increase of temperature. (When the temperature of the silica gel exceeds 60 °C, it will not only absorb moisture but will release moisture)

4. Wide range of use, suitable for iron or non-ferrous metal packaging, not subject to packaging restrictions;

5. It has anti-rust function, and has obvious anti-rust effect on metal surface (including corners or gaps that cannot penetrate other anti-rust agents), and has no damage to plastics, rubber and other products; (silica gel has no anti-rust function)

6. Non-toxic and tasteless, harmless to the human body. (The discolored silica gel contains harmful substances to the human body);

7. The state is stable under normal temperature and normal pressure and does not explode.

Field of use:

It is suitable for rust and drying requirements in transportation, storage or export packaging of various iron or non-ferrous metals.


Usually, the usage is 200-500g/CBM, but according to the actual packaging environment, the usage can be increased or decreased by 30% as needed. (only about 1/2 of the amount of silica gel used)

Product specifications: small bag 5g, 10g, 30g, 50g, 100g, 500g

          Large package 20kg/bag

          Can be packaged according to customer requirements.


Status: dark brown granular

Diameter: 1-4mm

PH value: 6.5-6.7

Specific gravity: 0.85—0.97 g/cc

Thermal safety: <40oC

Adsorbable components: water, ammonia, methanol, ethanol, aldehydes, ketones, etc.;

Adsorption strength: water>alcohol>aldehyde>ketone>n-ene>neutral ester>aromatic hydrocarbon>cycloalkane>alkane

Custody method:

Store in a closed container at 40 ° C or less, avoid direct sunlight and keep dry.

After use, the remaining products should be sealed and stored.





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