Desiccant For Electronics

Desiccant For Electronics

Desiccant for Electronics DMF-free, ROHS compliant international environmental protection requirements BSCI certification - support free samples, welcome to consult, "Chunwang" waiting for you!

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Moisture Damage Electronics

If a device is moved from a cool environment to one that is warm and humid, circuit boards may become coated in moisture. ... Also important is protecting electronics from low humidity environments, which can lead to static electricity discharge that results in irreversible damage to components.

Moisture Damage of Electronics 

Different Humidity Level Damage Electronics

Brittleness can occur at humidity levels as low as 40 percent, while mildew grows atlevels over 50 percent RH. The range recommended by experts is between 30 and 50 percent RH, and temperatures no higher than 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Similarly to books, electronics are sensitive to extremes of humidity.

Sources of Water Contamination in a closed container or package 

Water vapor in the air inside the package;

Moisture contained in the materials inside the package;

Moisture in or on the walls of the package; and

Entry of moisture into the package due to permeation or leakage


Desiccant used in packaging of electronics

Raw material: clay

Raw material size(ball diameter): 0.5-1.5mm, 1-3mm, 2-4mm, 3-5mm,4-8mm.

Raw material color: grey.

Packing material: Tyvek bag, non-woven bag,dust-free, low dust

Weight : 1/6 UD, 1/3 UD, 1/2 UD, 1 UD, 2 UD....32 UD

Experiment data:

PH: 4.0-8.0

Moisture content: <2% (150 degree ℃)

Stack density: ≧720 g/liter

The adsorption capacity of moisture:23%  


Certification:SGS,TUV SUD,ISO9001:2015,ISO14001:2015


Deisccant for Electronics

Clay Desicant    

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