Desiccant For Windows

Desiccant For Windows

Window experts strongly advise that only good quality glazing desiccant be used when repairing a failed window unit. These top performance desiccants, together with a professional repair job, assure a long life for the repaired sealed unit.

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Nowadays, building energy conservation has received more and more attention from people. Energy saving in doors and windows has become one of the key concerns of energy saving and emission reduction. Door and window area accounts for more than 20% of the building area. 70% of the energy loss of the entire building occurs at the door and window. Glass accounts for about 70% of the door and window area. Therefore, many families have installed defogging glass windows to keep warm. However, when using it, we often notice that fog will appear from time to time inside the middle interlayer of the defogging glass, and people can't help but worry about whether there is a quality problem.

1. What should I do if the inside of the interlayer of the defogging glass is fogged?

Double-glazed window fogging solution:

        1.1 If the double-layer glass is fogged due to the unsealed sealant, the sealant on the double-layer glass can be removed with a tool, and the glass window can be cleaned again. After drying, the glass window is opened. Sealing process of sealant;

        1.2 If the position of the water tank of the double glazing is not installed, the double glazing should be removed and reinstalled;

        1.3 If the spacers in the double glazing are properly installed, add glass spacers to the double glazing. Remove the original septum on the original, and then re-install the upper septum. It should be noted that the position of the septum should be kept at a certain distance from the edge of the glazing. Generally, it is suitable for 2mm. Also, when installing the glazing, be careful not to get water on the septum to avoid affecting its performance;

        1.4 If the fogging is caused by excessive temperature difference, the window can be opened for a while, so that the difference between the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor becomes smaller, until the fog on the surface is dispersed.

Second, will the fog glass be foggy?

The double-layer glass in the market now has two kinds of vacuum glass and defogging glass, and the manufacturing method is different. The vacuum glass is double-layered glass sealant, and the gas inside is extracted; the defogging glass is only double-layer glass sealant, there is still a lot of air inside, and it is dried by molecular sieve desiccant, and continuously adsorbed into the interval during the life of the defogging glass. Moisture within the layer. When the defogging glass encounters a cold weather, the indoor and outdoor temperatures are quite different, so it is easy to fog and small water droplets, and it will slowly disappear after the sun.




Core advantages

1) The live ore is a natural mineral product that is harmless, thrown away after use, returns to nature, and will never cause environmental pollution;

2) Flexible adjustment of moisture absorption rate according to customer product characteristics;

3) The water-locking property is good, so it is suitable for product packaging with large temperature changes such as cameras, cameras, lamps, etc., and is also widely used in: bamboo, wood, rattan, paper, straw products, handicrafts, color boxes and other products;

4) High cost performance

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