PCB Humidity Indicator Cards 3dots

PCB Humidity Indicator Cards 3dots

Humidity Indicator Cards are widely used in high-end moisture sensitive eletronic components, instrumentation packaging, such as integrated appliances, IC chips, LED, optical equipment, metal products, especially military and semiconductor.

Product Details

Product Description

1. Eco-friendly, Cobalt-free Humidity Indicator Card

2. Comply with IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033B 

3. Used for package industry, military products, eletronic components, IC chips, PCB, etc

4. High quality, Customized available

5. Free Samples can be offered

DotsModel numberType
3 dots006-HM-03-4 (30%40%50%) with cobalt ( blue to pink)
3 dots006-HM-03-5 (5%10%60%) with cobalt ( blue to pink)
3 dots006-HM-03-7 (5%10%60%)Cobalt free (brown to blue)
4 dots006-HM-04-1 (10%-40%) with cobalt ( blue to pink)
6 dots006-HM-06-2 (10%-60%)with cobalt ( blue to pink)
6 dots006-HM-06-3 (10%-60%)Cobalt free (brown to green)
6 dtos006-HM-06-5 (10%-60%)Cobalt free (blue to pink)

HIC cards

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More details ( Video, Catalogue, TDS, MSDS) would be provided upon receive your inquiry.

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