Calcium Chloride Container Dehumidifier Bag

Calcium Chloride Container Dehumidifier Bag

Calcium Chloride Container Dehumidifier Bag for container use. It reduce moisture level inside container to protect the containerized cargo. There are different types to suit different nature of goods.

Product Details


*Absorption of moisture:>200% at RH 80%, T30℃

*High performance and long lasting 

*Easy to use

*All desiccant sachets and poles/strips can be placed into container/pallets

*Other products for moisture prevention, dehumidifier: Silica gel, clay, calcium chloride, carbon, etc

Product Description

- Our Calcium Chloride Container Dehumidifier Bag control the exposure of further moisture, they close down the flow of air in to the space and remove any damp atmosphere from the now controlled environment. 

- Commonly used in Shipping Containers, Storage Facilities, Garages, Motor Homes and Boats, Cargo Storage, Camping, Caravans, Vehicles and Garden Sheds.

- Container Dehumidifier Bag are designed especially to lower the dew point in shipping containers, these Container Dry Poles do not obstruct loading space (they fit into the side wall gussets).These powerful packs absorb 200% of their weight in moisture.

- Leak-proof, safe to use and no liquid waste, the moisture solidifies into a gel preventing any leakage

- Suitable for everything from textiles and leather to electronics and machinery. We offer Calcium Chloride Container Dehumidifier Bag that is highly acclaimed for the unbeatable features it possesses. If you want to learn more about our product, do not hesitate to contact us.

Calcium Chloride Container Dehumidifier Bag

Product name: Calcium Chloride Container Dehumidifier Bag

Material: calcium chloride 74%-98%

Volume: 100g, 250g, 300g, 450g, 500g, 1000g or others in your need

Packaging: non woven fabric; PE, PP bag; PP and PE compound bag; PE and Nylon; others

Application: moisture adsorption bag, moisture absorption strips, moisture absorption poles 

Storage: keep cool, dry place, sealed, for 2 years

Place of origin: Shenzhen(Manufacturer of desiccant since 1998)

Package: 1 piece/poly bag, 8 pcs/box, box size:46*28*26cm 

Pallet: 93*113*10cm 

Delivery:Air transportation; Sea delivery

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