Cargo Absorber Pole

Cargo Absorber Pole

Cargo Absorber Pole 1000g is designed desiccant for container, it can pervent cargo from moisture/mildew/rust/oxidation damage due to container moisture condensation. Such as damage cartons appearance and out packing, affect quality of goods, generate rust, label fall off.

Product Details

Cargo Absorber Pole 1000g is specially designed for preventing moisture inside container.

Sea Cargo Moisture Protected Container Desiccant Dry Pole

msds for 1000g calcium chloride desiccant pole with hanger msds for 1000g calcium chloride desiccant pole with hanger


1. Ship goods without the threat of “Container Rain” 
2. Inhibits the formation of mold, mildew, rust and corrosion
3. Up to 200% moisture absorption.
4. Provides 50 days or more of moisture protection 
5. Prevents weak cartons and loose labels caused by moisture
6. Environmentally safe and can be disposed of as normal waste

Sea Cargo Moisture Protected Container Desiccant Dry Pole

Desiccant for Container

1) How can container desiccant dry pole work when it's inside a cargo/container ?

The materials used to make container dry pole are specifically chosen to be breathable. 
Water vapour passes through them to be adsorbed by the Calcium chloride desiccant.


2)Does container dry pole comes ready to use ?

Yes. The container dry pole does not need to be 'generated' before use. 
It is always sold ( packs or pole/box ) in a dry condition, ready for use.


3)How long can container dry pole be usefully stored ?

The shelf life of silica gel is around 12 months (although practical experience has shown 
that it can often far exceed this). The crucial factor is to keep it in a sealed environment until it is
needed for use - it will, of course, adsorb moisture from any environment. 
Although the moisture uptake rate is not fast, small sachets can be particularly vulnerable to poor storage 
conditions - it is recommended that they are not left open to the atmosphere for longer than 30 minutes.


4)How much water vapour can CaCl2 Container desiccant hold ?

Calcium chloride will adsorb up to 200% of its own weight in moisture.


5) Do Calcium chloride dangerous ?

Calcium chloride is non-toxic and non-flammable, it is very inert with a very high ignition point.It is very much like floor and thus can safely be sent by any means of transport.


6)Does Calcium chloride get wet as it adsorbs water ?

Yes, it absorb water molecules inside mixed with starch, lock down the moisture/humidity efficiently, without leakage.


7)Calcium chloride is a desiccant then ?

Yes, it adsorbs water vapour by physical means, not a chemical reaction. 
Water vapour is attracted inside the Calcium chloride powder.


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