Container Dehumidifying Package 1kg

Container Dehumidifying Package 1kg

Container Dehumidifying package 1kg is the moisture absorbing mater in shipping and storage containers. It prevents container condensation, cargo sweat, container rain

Product Details

Do storage containers get damp?

Condensation can occur within 8ft, 10ft, 20ft and 40ft shipping containers, but it occurs mainly on the roof interior and top 6 inches of the interior side-walls. The moisture can generally be from storing damp or wet goods inside the container along with high and low temperatures outside the shipping container

Container Loading Requirements

Conformity to the buyer’s requirements

Containers are in good condition, inside and outside

A seal is affixed to close each container, with a unique number

Compulsory photos of the container:

Container seal

Container markings

General condition of the container

The loading process

Expected number of pcs per carton

Numbering of cartons

Pallets size, if applicable

Number of pallets, if applicable

No carton should fall on the ground or be damaged when factory loads the cartons

There can be many other requirements to check. For example, the importer might prepare a loading plan (to save volume)… which will not be respected by most Asian manufacturers, unless an inspector is present.

The hygroscopic effect of the desiccant is from 10% to 300%. Of course, the price of the desiccant with poor hygroscopic effect has certain advantages. Our common desiccants are divided into two types of physical absorption and chemical absorption. Physically absorbed desiccants are: silica gel, montmorillonite, molecular sieves, minerals (raw materials), activated carbon, fibers, and the like. The chemical absorption desiccant is: calcium chloride, polymer, calcium oxide, potassium carbonate, magnesium chloride, phosphorus pentoxide, silicic acid and the like.

First of all, we introduce from the low moisture absorption rate, 10% ~ 30% absorption capacity of desiccant is generally a physical absorption of desiccant, mainly: montmorillonite, minerals, activated carbon, molecular sieve. There is a difference between the theoretical effect and the real effect. A bunch of physically absorbed desiccant can be used repeatedly, and the moisture adsorbed by the desiccant is evaporated by high temperature baking. It can be reused. The downside is that such desiccants do not absorb moisture when the temperature is too high, and they will release water.

Desiccants with a moisture absorption rate of 30% to 60% include: silica gel, fiber, calcium oxide, potassium carbonate, magnesium chloride, phosphorus pentoxide, and silicic acid. Some desiccants are basically chemically absorbed. Only chemically absorbed desiccants can achieve such high absorption. Chemically absorbed desiccants cannot be reused. The advantage is that it can be continuously absorbed at high temperature, and it will not reflect water after absorption.

The high absorption capacity desiccant is calcium chloride and high molecular weight, both of which are high moisture absorption desiccant calcium chloride moisture absorption rate is 100%~200%, and the general moisture absorption effect is about 100% to 150% at room temperature. The area with relatively high temperature can reach more than 200%. The current market for calcium chloride is not developed. Most people do not know this desiccant, so the use is not extensive, but this must be a development trend, so the most used calcium chloride is the container shipping moisture. The absorption rate of the polymer can reach more than 300%, but because the cost is too high and has no practical value, such a desiccant is generally not used in many places. It is also mainly used in mine rescue cabins. His advantage is that it does not generate heat when absorbing moisture.

In summary, the calcium chloride desiccant is the highest product when it is used as a container desiccant. It not only has good moisture absorption effect, but also has favorable price. It is the best choice for moisture prevention during shipping. If you are If you have any questions about using container desiccant, you can call us and we will give you a detailed container to prevent moisture from getting a solution.

Container Desiccant Specification

Container Desiccant Absorption

Container Desiccant Data Sheet

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