Absorbent Package 1kg In Container

Absorbent Package 1kg In Container

Absorbent Package 1kg in Container with high absorption capactiy.

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What measures are needed for container moisture protection?

1. To ensure the dryness of the container, especially inside the container, and the tightness of the product packaging, it is best to add moisture-proof beads to the product packaging box.

2. Ensure the tightness of the container.

3. Guarantee the drying of the products in the container

4. Ensure the drying and moisture resistance of the packaging materials

5. Ensure the drying of the packing environment

6. Use container drying strips or container desiccant

Complete solution:

Container transportation is a complicated process. For container transportation, we will analyze and inquire about the environment that the container may pass through, the packaging situation of the goods and the temperature and humidity that the goods in the container can withstand, and cooperate with the actual testing of the temperature and humidity recorder. Through appropriate experimentation, analysis and calculations, we will provide an effective and economical solution. The final packaging plan will include the amount of desiccant, how to use it, precautions, material for the barrier and packaging method. For the products mentioned in the plan, we will give the determined procurement standards as the basis for purchase.

Absorbent package 1kg:

Scope of application: Solve the problem of condensation, rust, mildew, and moisture in container cargo, and solve the problem of moisture in shipping and storage in various industries. It can also be directly applied to moisture-proof packaging of large machinery, electronics, clothing, communications and other equipment.

Standard: in line with national standards, such as US military standards (MIL-D-3464E), Japanese industrial standards (JISZ0701) and German industrial standards (DIN55473)

Material: DuPont paper, calcium chloride, starch resin

Container Desiccant Specification

Container Desiccant Absorption

Container Desiccant Data Sheet

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