Container Desiccant For Pallet Or Wooden Packaged Goods

Container Desiccant For Pallet Or Wooden Packaged Goods

This container desiccant is developed to avoid damages created by condensation of humidity during transport in closed containers. CHUNWANG container desiccant has a strong hook allowing it to hang safely on the container wall. places directly on top of the goods, with the same positive result, as it has a water-thigh backside. Moist is absorbed through the large fleece surface and captured inside the bag.

Product Details

Moisture level in wooden pallets

Target moisture content: The mean range 15% to 22%. Pallets made from a single timber species, air dried for 14 days before kilning to a target moisture content of 15 to 17% (monitored by at least 6 moisture sensors in the kiln) and stored after drying in a ventilated shed.


Wooden pallets are favoured for both transportation and storage solutions by a variety of industries. They are lightweight in comparison to many materials, durable, affordable and easy to stack in order to maximise space. However, facilities that have used wooden pallets have become increasingly aware of the dangers and disadvantages of high moisture levels in wood pallets. Not only can moisture cause the wood to attract mould and decay, but it can warp the overall size, structure, and integrity of the joints.

Mould and Mildew

Heightened Risk of Splitting and Warping

Wood Shrinkage

Product Damage – Corrosion of Metal Products

CHUNWANG Container desiccant fights the challenges of moisture damages created by the condensation of humidity during transportation in containers and provides the following advantages:
Cost saving - High absorption capacity per bag
Easy handling - Unpack, hang, done
High security - Very strong hook for hanging. Liquid is captured

Universal application - Can be placed directly on goods or hang 

desiccant for pallet

Container Desiccant Specification

Container Desiccant Absorption

Container Desiccant Data Sheet

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