Container Desiccant Packs Bags

Container Desiccant Packs Bags

500-2000 gram available suit different containers and containerized products; Free Samples;ISO14001 & ISO9001, BSCI, GMP certified manufacturer; EREACH & USAFDA DMF registered

Product Details

Designed for Shipping and Export Containers from preventing the goods from moisture and container raindrops as well as mainly for Condensation. 

Controls humidity inside the container through continuously adsorbing the moisture and providing a dry atmosphere to the shipment for more than 90 Days of Protection.

Designed by Tyvek +Non-woven fabric which holds the moisture and does not release it back into the container's climate.

Protection against 


Condensation damages

Container Sweat

Container Rain while Sea Transport.

Low expenses than Silica Gel Per container.

Absorption more than 200%.

Non - toxic and Eco friendly.

Long Lasting until the complete voyage.


Leak proof - dual layer packed.

Easy Installation as its with LD Hook to Hang.

Other product types you can choose

1.0kg Moisture Absorbing Material Container Desiccant

Shipping Desiccant

Packaging & Delivery 

Container Desiccant

Packaging Desiccant


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