Moisture Trap Absorption Pole

Moisture Trap Absorption Pole

The composition of the desiccant for containers is a new type of active material. Under the condition of 25 ° C and relative humidity of 90%, the maximum capacity of adsorbed water vapor can reach 300% of its own weight, achieving the performance of similar foreign products.

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Super absorption, saving cost by at least 500%: moisture absorption capacity reaches 300%, each dry pole can absorb two kilograms of crystal water, which is 5-10 times that of ordinary desiccant (such as silica gel, montmorillonite, mineral desiccant) Under the same environmental conditions.Reduce your bost.

Safety and environmental protection: The product is environmentally friendly, does not harm the environment, is non-toxic and harmless, and can be naturally degraded. Unidirectional adsorption of Tyvek's packaging method can effectively lock moisture into the non-diaphragm Tyvek package.

Extremely fast water absorption: Under the same environmental conditions, the drying agent (container/container) desiccant absorbs water twice as fast as ordinary desiccant (such as silica gel, montmorillonite, mineral desiccant).

The container desiccant controls the dew point quickly and efficiently: it strongly absorbs moisture from the air and reduces the humidity in the container, preventing condensation. Even if condensation is formed, the Tpco dry bar (container/container) desiccant can quickly absorb them. By preventing condensation, the problem of cargo damage caused by moisture in the container is fundamentally solved.

Scope of application Container ocean transportation, container aviation, railway, highway transportation and cargo storage, large warehouse, library, museum, basement, automobile industry, agricultural products, food and beverage, cloth, leather products, metal products, paper and wood products , electromechanical / electronic products, textiles, wood products, etc. moisture and mildew.

The amount of moisture-proof drying sticks is calculated based on the storage environment and the moldy risk of the product. According to our experimental tests and experience, 100g of this product is required per cubic space. If hanging in a container or lying on top of the cargo, it is advisable to place a moisture-proof drying rod at intervals of 2m. For specific usage, please consult our engineering department to calculate a cost-effective usage for you.

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Nuts and dried fruit

• Pulses and grains

• Agricultural products

• Foodstuffs

• Manufactured products

• Wooden products

• Furniture

• Electrical goods

• Spare parts

• Machinery

• Leather products

• Textiles

Extra hard duty container desiccant;

100% Calcium Chloride;

Contains a moisture collecting reservoir that prevents leaks and does not allow re-evaporation;

Made of a very thick and hard plastic shell that provides high impact resistance to the cargo during stuffing, travelling and unloading;

Poles Absorbs up to 1 liter of moisture per unit;

Can be used in any type of cargo.

Container Desiccant Absorpole approved by many multinational companies.

DMF Free Chunwang Container Desiccant

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