Desiccant For Shipping Containers 1kg Per Packet

Desiccant For Shipping Containers 1kg Per Packet

Desiccant a specially formulated desiccant product designed to actively reduce humidity inside the container. By reducing the humidity, These humidity absorbing strips or poles, traps can easily protect cargo from moisture damage while goods are in transit. plastic packed (as per image) with tie strings for customers who prefer to hang desiccant strips on container

Product Details


Weight: 1kg x 12 strips: Total weight of 12kg 

• Absorbent Media: calcium chloride

• Unit Needed: For most cargoes, 6 strips in a 20ft container and 12 strips in a 40ft container is required, depending on the length of the voyage and the range of temperature encountered. In a case of moist cargoes or extreme voyage conditions addition poles may be required. 

• Installation: Mount in the container corrugation, hanging from the hook with plastic tie (hanger strings will be included)

• Disposal: Made only of non-toxic and recyclable materials (Clay Desiccant, Plastic materials).


Agricultural products: spices, coffee, tea, bagged rice, tobacco, pepper, wheat flour, wheat bran, ginger, cloves, cashew nuts, ground nuts, betel nuts, cocoa, tobacco, copra, vegetables, fruits and others.

Wooden products: Furniture, mouldings, timber, wood pulp and paper products

Electronic goods: Electrical appliances, cables, toys etc.

Leather goods: Footwear, garments and furniture.

Metal products: Sheets, cods, machinery, auto/ spare parts, aluminium billets, copper products and furniture.

Textiles: Garments, batik and fabrics.

Household products: Glass ware, melamine, handicrafts, polythene and charcoal.

Unique Features :

Non Toxic

Environmentally Friendly

Approved to be used with food products

All plastics material is recyclable and the absorption mix can be disposed in ordinary household waste

Leak Proof

High Absorption Rates

Our unique mixture is 100% leak proof and absorbs up to 2.5 times its weight.

Desiccant for Container


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