Hanging Cargo Dry

Hanging Cargo Dry

Calcium chloride desiccant is a kind of new, high efficiency and safe moistureproof dehumidification product specially designed to solve the fog of automobile headlight. This product is made of absorbent paper, packaging materials, packaging and other accessories, made through a series of processes, has strong moisture absorption ability and durability, can make environmental humidity quickly reduced to ideal humidity, prevent the car headlights so as to prolong the service life of the headlight atomization.

Product Details

Container Desiccant - 1 kilo 
It can have various placement positions 
Simply flat, suspended or hanging, to suit any cargo 
It works by absorbing moisture and converting the resultant mixture to a gel, holding the moisture and not releasing it back into the containers climate 
It absorbs 200% of its dry weight 
Leak-proof, safe to use, with no liquid waste 

Item: Desiccant 
Absorbs: Moisture & humidity 
Area Protected: Boats and recreational vehicles 
Price is for 1 x 1kg bag 

The chains as well as the ceilings consist of 100 g desiccant packets that are strung together. They each consist of a waterproof bottom and a surface of flies. The fleece surface can be water condensation through. The desiccant itself is a mixture of salt and starch. The salt (calcium chloride) attracts the humidity and the modified starch binds the moisture, so that the application into a gel-like mass will be, which can rejoin.

DMF Free Chunwang Container Desiccant

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